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Saturday Group Swim at Brohm Lake (2024-05-04)

Time and Place

This swim takes place at 10:00am sharp at Brohm Lake. We will meet on the rock closest to the parking lot at around 9:45am and plan to be in the water right for 10:00am. Please allow yourself a few minutes to park, get ready, and sign in before the mandatory safety briefing at 9:55am. If you miss the safety briefing at 9:55am, you will not be allowed to swim with us. See below for additional location and parking info.

Swim Format

There are a couple of different swim options depending on how long you’d like to swim. The water is chilly so please be mindful and get out of the water long before you get too cold. Bring a wetsuit if you’d like!

You are welcome to jump in for a dip and swim close to the starting rock (that’s what most folks will be doing!). You can also swim from the starting rock part way the length of the lake and back if you have been practicing in cold water. 


There are no lifeguards at this lake. Please remember to swim within your own abilities. Be sure to get out of the water long before you get too cold or exhausted.


Each swimmer is responsible for their own choice of gear, but here are some suggestions:

– A swimsuit or swim apparel of choice (no judgement)
– A wetsuit (optional)
– A brightly-coloured swim cap or hat (mandatory; included with your membership)
– A loud whistle (mandatory; available for $5 at our swims)
– Goggles and ear plugs (optional)
– A brightly-coloured tow-float (recommended)
– Snacks and water (especially for the half-way point for the full iron distance)

Once you get out of the water, you might want:

– A large towel or two
– A mat or extra towel for standing on while getting changed
– A dry-robe, towel robe, or just a big towel for getting changed under
– Loose clothing that’s easy to pull on when you’re slightly damp. Buttons, zippers, or other fussy things that are difficult to use with numb fingers are not recommended
– Water shoes, crocs, or flip flops
– A warm drink
– A snack

Getting Here and Parking

This location is best accessed by car. Heading north on the Sea to Sky Highway from Squamish, use the left turning lane (signs for Brohm Lake) to turn directly into the parking lot. Parking is free but extremely limited, so please carpool or have someone drop you off. If the parking lot is full, there is a second parking lot on the south end of Brohm Lake, but it is a 20 minute+ walk to the meeting point from there.

About the Location

This is a deep, clear lake with gorgeous scenery. At this time of summer, the water temperature tends to hover between 17-20 degrees though may be variable depending on the weather. The entry is rocky and steep and gets deep quickly. Water conditions tend to be very clear, so expect to see swimmers around you, the occasional lake weed (far enough down that they won’t touch you), the occasional fish, and otherwise black nothing-ness. There is a trail that goes all the way around the lake, but it’s only possible/practical to exit the lake at a few points along its length so you must be prepared to swim or float the full distance back.

The main “rock” that we meet at is at the end of the short trail down (west) from the parking lot. Here is the location.


There is a single outhouse at the parking lot. Consider bringing your own toilet kit with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You may also want to arrive dressed and ready to swim.


May 04 2024


9:45 am - 10:30 am


Members Only


Brohm Lake
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